Woman Orders A Normal Looking Jacket, Receives An Insanely Over-Sized One; Twitter Says LOL

Loads of options to choose from, exciting deals and free home deliveries do not fail to allure us to place orders online. After all, why would someone want to miss out on such great deals? And this is the reason why we often fall prey to scams and frauds – in terms of money and quality as well. And the only option we have at the end is to place complaints and rant about it online.

A similar case of an online goof up recently came to light as body positivity blogger, Sophia Carter-Kahn shared her experience.

The woman who also runs the ‘She’s All Fat’ podcast recently ordered a plus-sized coat from the popular clothing line PrettyLittleThing. She has bought the over-sized Red Borg Pocket Front coat for £50. The coat as shown in the descriptive pictures looked uber stylish and trendy with the perfect fit. But she was disappointed to see her as the coat she received turned out to be super big.

The blogger called out the major screw up of the clothing line. She posted her picture donning the insanely over-sized coat alongside a picture of the PLT model wearing the same coat.

Her post went viral in no time and garnered an immense response from netizens. Many unhappy customers also came up to share their own experiences of buying the same coat.



Online shopping has always been a hub of such goof-ups with Pretty Little Things being the trolls’ favourite. Do you have any such sad experience of online shopping? Do tell us in the comments below.