Company Lays Off 13% Of Its Workforce Days After Hosting Lavish Party With Booze For Employees

Back in 2021, an Indian CEO based in New York received backlash after he fired as many as 900 employees over a Zoom call. Since then, many companies have been firing employees forcing them to move to LinkedIn to seek new jobs.

Obviously, the news of being fired by a company and having no source of income would scare anyone. Hence, this company decided to host a lavish party for its employees before finally showing most of them their way out.

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According to a report, American cybersecurity firm ‘Bishop Fox’ hosted a lavish party at an international conference for its employees. The company invited employees, industry colleagues, and others to attend the RSA cybersecurity conference party where it served drinks with the company’s logo called ‘cyber soup’.

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Pictures from the seemingly happening and lavish party were also shared online.

But sadly, after a week later, several employees took to social media to seek help from people online to get new jobs after being fired from the company.

Apparently, the company laid off 13 percent of its workforce, around 50 employees.

TechCrunch suggests that last year the company raised a total of $129 million (INR10,55,02,65,000) in a Series B round from several investors. Around eight months ago, they also posted a LinkedIn post saying that they were open to hiring people across several different teams. Moreover, just last week, the company announced that it was expanding to the U.K.

This is indeed shocking for everyone. We hope everyone laid off gets a job soon.

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