People On LinkedIn Come Together To Find Job For Indian Man With Kids Who Was Fired By Meta

LinkedIn is one social media platform that is strictly business. The employment-oriented online service is where you’ll find entrepreneurs, business magnates, employees, and people seeking jobs being the most active.

Hence, when Meta started firing people, scores of ex-Facebook employees took to LinkedIn to share their stories and seek new job opportunities. From IITians to working moms, there were thousands of people impacted by this mass layoff.

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This time around it’s this Indian man named Raju Kadam who took to this employment-centered media platform to look for a new job in the USA.

Raju, who was a Sr. Technical Program Manager at Meta was also among the unfortunate ones to have received the heartbreaking email from the company.

Taking to LinkedIn, he wrote, “I was not expecting to be a part layoff, as I had a strong performance in all quarters since I joined Meta. I started an incredible journey to work in Meta 9 months back, but it abruptly came to an end.” (sic) He added that he enjoyed his time at Meta.

“It was great experience. I met many awesome, cool, talented people and I will miss my work at Meta. I put my best effort at one of the best places out there to work. I want to thank all incredible talented Metamates, friends, my managers Jeffrey Chonko, Mark Lambert & Jatinder Singh for awesome support during this incredible journey. Stay strong all other 11,000 Metamates who have been laid off.” (sic)

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Having said that, he added that he is on an H1-B visa and his clock to leave the USA is ticking. For the unversed, this specific kind of visa allows U.S. employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. Meaning, if Raju wants to stay in the country, he has to get a job as soon as possible.

Hence, he asked people on the LinkedIn community to help him find a job otherwise he will have to leave the USA with his kids.

“I am reaching out to all Metamates, connections, and LinkedIn community to help me find a job in otherwise I have to leave USA with my kids. I have been in USA for 16 years and have seen 2008, 2015 (oil), 2020 downturns but never lost my job. My 2 sons (Arjun – superman, Yash -Chicken) are US citizens, and their lives will be impacted. I will do whatever in my power to give them best opportunity to succeed in USA. Hence, I need a new job in USA ASAP. I am asking for a call for action to help me find a job. Thanks!” (sic)

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People heard his call for help via this post and immediately came to his rescue. The noble hearts online started referring him to employers and sharing links to job opportunities with him.

The state of the economy in the US is degrading and there are so many people getting fired from work. We hope more people come together to help these guys in their battle.

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