Dirty-Minded Desis Are Reading Bihar Skill Development Mission AKA ‘BSDM’ Wrong

You know, people, especially government officials, should double-check the spellings and names of many of the schemes, activities and projects they come up with. Because each one of us has a dirty side to our minds which can erupt any time after spotting something inappropriate! And something along similar lines happened recently.

Bihar Skill Development Mission is a programme launched by the Bihar government to teach the youth of India the various necessary skills to fuel the growth of the country. It aims to establish a wide network of training centres and job opportunities for the country’s youth, according to its website.

The funny thing is, the government is addressing the programme as ‘BSDM’ – a short form for Bihar Skill Development Mission. However, it is VERY close to the term ‘BDSM’. If you know you know.

And people online are having a gala time laughing about the hidden joke after a woman named Narayani Basu shared a screenshot from a YouTube video titled ‘What is BSDM’.

Just by taking a single glance, most people read it wrong!

For those who still couldn’t understand, BDSM is a form of sexual practice that includes bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism.

Ab aayi samaj?!

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