“Avoid Talking Aloud & Laughing” Bhopal Issues Strict Rules For Weddings Amid Pandemic

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of an Indian wedding? Loads of masti, dance, music, and fun festivities? Well, while the spirit for desi shadis remains the same, there are several restrictions on the celebrations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, the district administration in Bhopal listed a set of ground rules for people to follow at weddings to minimize the risk of the spread of the virus. The advisory, released by the administration, asked guests attending weddings in the city to opt for online gifts, reports HT. It also stated that the newly-weds should be blessed from a distance.

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The advisory issued by Bhopal district collector Avinash Lavania said,

“Avoid talking aloud and laughing and also talking in groups as these attract others to follow the suit. Avoid any contact like embracing and shaking hands with others. Collector has made an appeal to people attending the wedding functions to stay for a short while in marriage functions, park their vehicles on their own and carry their own face masks and sanitizers.”

Apart from maintaining social distancing, it also suggested people to avoid using phones frequently. It further said,

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 “Instead of serving food (in plates) on their own by touching the spoon, they should ask others to do so. Instead of opening the return gift immediately, they should keep it in an open space for a few days.”

The administration has also asked individuals to avoid organizing sangeet functions that involve a larger number of people.

“There is a custom regarding dance and singing songs with friends and relatives. In such a situation, people should avoid sharing the same microphone. People should not remove masks for photos and avoid group photographs. Return gifts should be packed and distributed by a particular person.”

Regarding gifts, the advisory said,

“Gifts should be kept at a place from where guests can lift their gift. Gift (shagun) should be sent electronically. If it’s not possible, then there should be a fixed point where gifts should be delivered. Such gifts should be opened after certain days.” 

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The government also wants people to preferably choose an open and airy venue for the ceremony and ensure Covid-19 guidelines are displayed at various points. The covers of chairs, sofa etc should be regularly changed and disinfected as well. In order to ensure that people don’t crowd at one spot in the venue,  the wedding should be shown live on the internet and also on screens.

Well, we can always have fun while ensuring safety precautions are maintained.

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