Family Of The Bhopal Martyr Is Now Preparing For A Funeral Instead Of Daughter’s Wedding

While we were lighting lamps and celebrating Diwali, our heroes (read cops) were on the line of duty, saving the day and sacrificing their lives, in doing so. In a heart-wrenching episode, we have lost another brave soul to extremists and their operatives.

Ramashankar Yadav, Head Constable at the Bhopal Central Jail died in a tragic encounter on Monday, where the Madhya Pradesh Police and its Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) killed 8 Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) terrorists after a jailbreak. 

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It was indeed a dark Diwali at the Yadav’s. While the family was busy preparing for an early December wedding for their daughter, the dead body of the martyr arrived pushing the family into profound grief.


He was known to be a doting father, preparing for his daughter’s wedding. Unfortunately, no wedding but a funeral is in order. Yadav’s nephew, Vijay Shanker said,

“Ramashankar was happy and excited over his 24-year-old daughter Sonia’s wedding scheduled for December 9.”


He is survived by his two sons, Shambhunath and Prabhunath, both of whom are in the Army and posted at Guwahati and Hissar respectively.

Ramashankar Yadav
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The armed forces work day in and day out, trying to make the place we live in, a little better. Their sacrifice is homage-worthy! But imagine the personal loss and pain the surviving members go through. More power to his daughter, at this point of time. And If this doesn’t rouse your heart with respect and love for the brave men, I don’t know what will!

News Source: The Indian Express

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