Some Bollywood Celebrities Have Completely Lost It While Trying To Defend Salman Khan

The court finally sentenced Salman Khan, who had run over a few homeless people (and killed one) sleeping on a footpath in Mumbai with his car as he was driving under the influence of alcohol. This case, which ran for 13 years, finally closed after the actor was sentenced to 5 years of jail, accusing him of drunk driving and culpable homicide.

Needless to say, Bollywood celebrities active on Twitter had opinions on it, but they seem to be more in support of the actor’s deeds than his sentence.

Some celebrities completely lost the plot





While others ‘showered’ love no matter what



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Ridiculous, isn’t it? It seems like the only acceptable and sensible tweet was posted by Alia Bhatt.



Bollywood, it’s time to stop posting on Twitter, now.

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