Tired Of Girlfriend’s Snores, BF Starts Licking Her Face At Night To Make Her Stop


Isn’t it annoying when you can’t snuggle in your bed after a tiring day at work? Be it loud music played by your sibling or your mom yelling at you angrily, there are several reasons why you can’t sleep peacefully due to others.

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For instance, a guy named Jason Graham has been having sleepless nights because of his girlfriend’s loud snoring and sleep-talking. Jason, who has been dating Sharnie Bright-Penny for the last seven months, tried several methods to stop her snores but failed miserably, reports Times Now.

He was quoted saying,

“Her snoring sounds like a deep growl. I was determined to find something that shuts her up. She had rolled over several times in her sleep snoring in my ear.” 

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He added, “I rolled her over and she rolled back onto me and carried on snoring in my ear. When that didn’t work, I decided to try a hug and roll.” However, nothing seemed to work. Finally, Jason found a rather bizarre idea to stop Sharnie from snoring. He started licking her face!

Yes, you read that right, Jason discovered that when he licked his girlfriend’s face it worked like magic as she would get quiet and roll away from him. This allowed him to finally get a good night’s sleep. However, his girlfriend had no idea that he was licking her face.

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She thought her face was wet because she dribbled during her sleep. However, one night when Sharnie was sleeping over at a friend’s place, Jason admitted his unusual method of stopping her from snoring. Sharnie was quoted saying,

“I hadn’t suspected anything. I’ve woken up with a wet face but I’ve always thought that was me dribbling while I was asleep, but obviously it was not.” She added, “I asked him if he was going to keep doing it and his reply to that question was ‘no comment’, so I’m guessing he will.”

Well, what do you think about this unusual way of keeping someone from snoring? Tell us!

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