A Twitter User Is Making A List Of Top Twitter Trolls Of 2015 And They Are Hilarious AF

2015 was quite an eventful year. There were some moments to be really proud of and some when we could use an Hulk-sized facepalm as a reaction to what was going on.

An avid Twitter user, Apoorv Sood, who goes by the username @trendulkar thought of an innovative recap of the year. Best films, best moments and life-changing recaps are common. How about a recap on the best trolls of 2015?

Sounds like a great idea, isn’t it? So here are the best ones we handpicked for you from @trendulkar’s lists:

1. The power of common man


2. Suck it, heaters 😛


3. Sarcasm SHOULD be the official language


4. Brands that were bang on in their replies


5. And some masala that we got to witness


6. If brands were people, Reddit would be Manthara


7. It makes no sense yet it managed to crack us up


8. Chetan Bhagat was targeted A LOT in 2015


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9. I could hear Mithun’s voice in my head while reading this one


10. Lol


11. This man speaks the truth


12. Biryani had to speak up


13. Burrrrnnnn


14. I can’t even…


15. We are still laughing over this one


16. Sallu bhai, no offence!

The list is still going on and I have picked the ones that I liked the most. You can contribute your favorite tweet troll by joining in!

Which one was your absolute favorite? 😉

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