“You’re Strong,” Says A Brother Helping His Baby Sister Play Basketball, Watch Video

Given the current state of things in the world, it can seem rather desolate and pretty much a lost cause. Especially due to social media platforms like Twitter where everyone is basically just yelling at each other. But the problem is, negative news tends to travel faster and so we miss out on many beautiful moments happening around us in the world.

However, the internet does stop to smell the roses sometimes and that’s when we get to witness its true potential. As a means to not just wail about the evils in the world, but also to cherish the goodness in it.

Which is how the story of Freelee and Jaxson is now making people across continents collectively go “Awwwww…!”

These two are probably the cutest sister-brother duos out there right now. Jaxson’s love and care for his baby sister knows no bounds. And Freelee needs no one other than her big brother to make her smile.

It is exactly this precious relationship that they share, which caught the internet’s eye. A particular video of these little munchkins is going viral for all the right reasons.

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In the video, little Freelee, who’s just 3 by the way, attempts to put a basketball through the hoop while Jaxson cheers her on. Just look at the expression on his face!

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Sadly, the ball slips out of Freelee’s hand and hits her on the face as it falls down. And boy, is the tantrum that follows the most adorable one ever!

But this little dude wasn’t about to let a stupid ball make his sister tear up. He immediately ran to her side, showering her with kisses and encouraging words.

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And he knew just how to bring the smile back to her face. Watch what happens:

He lifted her up to help her reach the basketball hoop, y’all! And the smile that blooms on Freelee’s face is just to die for! My heart is about to burst!!! Okay, can someone please give Jaxson a “Best Brother In The Whole Wide World” award?