B’lore Couple Has Been Together For 5 Years But The Flyover That United Them Still Not Built

Be it flyovers, metro, or any other long-term construction in Indian cities, the build time is pretty unpredictable. Chances are you might meet the love of your life in a traffic jam caused due to an ongoing flyover construction and then 5 years later you could be stuck in the same jam while taking your kids to school.

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If not exactly, this is pretty much what happened with this guy from Bengaluru. Sharing his ‘peak Bengalutu’ moment, the man took to Reddit and shared how he and his now wife once got stuck (before their wedding) because of the Ejipura flyover work.

Frustrated by the jam, they diverted their route and ended up having dinner together. Fast forward to five years, the couple who were friends back in the day when this incident happened dated for 3 years and it’s been 2 years since they got married. And guess what, the flyover that united them is still under construction.

This hilarious incident, that’s a possibility in Bengaluru, was brought to light by a Twitter user who shared the screengrab of the Reddit post on the microblogging site.

To our shock, those who have been living in the silicon valley of India weren’t surprised on reading this. Some people even related to his situation.

Bengaluru and uskey kissey are the best time pass ever. B’lore peeps, have you encountered any such ‘peak Bengaluru’ behavior? Share with us.

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