Guy Shares How Bengaluru Auto Driver Went The Extra Mile To Make Sure He Didn’t Miss His Train

Missing a flight or a train is probably one of the most annoying and disheartening things to happen to someone. It is a hassle to see your money getting wasted and booking another mode of conveyance to reach your destination. However, there are certain cab and auto drivers who are willing to go the extra mile to help passengers who have suffered something like this. Here’s an example.

A guy named Adil Husain took to X (formerly Twitter) to narrate how an auto driver helped him out after he missed his train because he got late in arriving at the station. He was supposed to board the Prashanti Express from SBC station, Bengaluru, at 1:40 PM but because of work commitments, he could only leave at 12:50 from Marathalli, which was 17 km away from the station.

Because of traffic, he was unable to reach the station on time. But an auto driver came to his help.

He said that he could help him reach Yelahanka Station, which was 27 km away, on time so he could catch the train but he would charge Rs 2500 for it. So Adil accepted his offer.

Adil experienced what he called the “most crazy auto drive ever” where the driver took as many shortcuts as possible and zoomed through traffic. They were able to reach Yelahanka station 5 mins before the train arrived.

It’s safe to say that he had his ‘Jab We Met’ moment.

This is truly a #PeakBengaluru moment!

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