12 Truths Of Being Friends With A Badass

The one who won’t study for an exam just for the sake of it. The one who has the craziest stories to tell. The one who is the most daring one in your college because hell, they can be. Been around someone like that? Yeah, me too. 😀

Following are the things you face when you’re friends with a badass.

1. They’re the epitome of breaking all rules

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Gotta shave for Monday? No way. *goes to work in stubble*


2. They’ll always try to convince you to break rules with them, but you’ll back out

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3. They’re the adventurous one among the entire group of friends

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4. They’re the ones who are likely to start an argument with the professor

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Sometimes, just for fun; for the terrible ones, for real.


5. You never get tired listening to their stories

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They have many, many things to tell you.


6. They are very strong minded about their opinions, and you respect that

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Even if you might not completely agree to them.


7. Because of them, you have also done a few adventurous things

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They make you do it, even though you don’t want to. But you don’t regret it. 😀


8. It is very difficult to convince them to do something ‘conventional’

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Like wearing an Indian outfit on traditional day. They’d never do it.


9. And sometimes, their general outlook of being carefree bothers you

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It’s like they don’t take things seriously.


10. But, you always find yourself safe around them because they’re fiercely protective of the things they like

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And you’re definitely one of them. 😛


11. You learn to become more courageous; all thanks to them

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12. And you know that your day is generally made because of their infectious energy

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And you’d have it no other way. 😀

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