Family Recreates A Beach In Their Backyard With Sand & A Pool During Lockdown

We understand how difficult it is to stay at home forcefully when you could just hit the beach and soak in the summer sun while sipping on your favourite chilled beverage. Travel plan, weddings and large gatherings have been suspended and people are instructed to stay at home, thanks to coronavirus.

But that didn’t stop this family from enjoying the sunny day at the beach. According to NDTV, a family in Bristol was filmed having a great time at the beach.

“Since we can’t go to the beach, why not bring the beach to us?” thought this family and created their own beach in their backyard.

The idea to create their own makeshift beach in their garden was the brainchild of Amy Woollon, after her father Andrew Woollon, 53, found sand in their garage.

Amy Woollon

“It was a beautiful day. He had talked about how nice it would’ve been to be at a beach now instead of self-isolating,” the 22-year-old bartender said. The Woollons reportedly created their backyard beach with half a tonne of sand that they found in their garage.

To give their garden, some beachy vibes, they brought in some deck chairs and a paddling pool to fill in for the sea. They also named their backyard beach, ‘Woollon Combe’.

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To bring everything together, the family got dressed in their beach attire with tropical-print shirts, garlands, hats and sunglasses for some authenticity.

A video of their beach holiday at home was shared online in which the family was seen sipping cocktails, jumping into the ‘sea’ and enjoying their summer vacations.

Well, people have been really using this opportunity to come up with creative ideas to kill boredom. Earlier, an elderly couple recreated their cancelled cruise trip in the comfort of their home. Soon after, a family imitated their 15-hour flight to Europe at home after it was cancelled due to COVID-19.

BRB, going to plan my virtual Goa trip that gets cancelled every year. *crying*