Elderly Couple Recreates Cancelled Cruise Trip At Home After Coronavirus Lockdown, Watch Video

Ever since people have been instructed to socially distance themselves and restrict going out or socialising in a crowded place to avoid the coronavirus from spreading, they have been coming up with unique plans to keep themselves busy. Everything’s being cancelled and all people are doing is home quarantine and chill at home to be safe.

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Well, this elderly couple’s cruise trip was also called off, and like most of us would, they weren’t happy about their cancelled plans. Hence, they decided to create their own happiness by recreating the trip at home in Melbourne, reported Fox News.

In a video shared on Twitter, the couple, Norma and Dave, dressed in bathrobes are seen sitting in front of a TV, watching a video of the blue sea while sipping water.

The daughter of the 74-year-old couple said that they were due to go on a 10-day Pacific Island cruise to celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary. However, the trip got cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Hence, she decided to cheer them up by simulating the trip. “I had the idea to put a YouTube video on their TV of the ocean. I found an hour-long video and Chromecasted it to their TV. I said, ‘There you go, who needs that cruise anyway?’,” she told Mirror Online.

And very sportingly, both of them changed into their robes and enjoyed the simulation.

“We had a giggle over that, and then both Mum and Dad had the idea to take it further and put robes on, hat, glasses etc.”

“Initially I was just going to send the video to the rest of the family but when they went to all that effort and my son added the shiphorn with his phone. While I recorded, I felt the video was worth a tweet,” she added.

The video was extensively shared online and Jane was delighted to see the overwhelming response. Talking about it she said, “None of us were expecting the reaction it has had, and tonight they even showed on our local news and I just saw it on Good Morning America! We are stunned and it has certainly given us all a giggle. Also, we are so delighted that it has brought some joy and smiles to people in such an uncertain time.”

People online found their jugaad real cute:



Others also shared hilarious memes and jokes about how #QuarantineLife is while they #QuarantineandChill amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Take a look:




I think the happiest people on the planet right now are introverts. They are possibly living their dream life, aren’t you?

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