After Bamboo Bottles, Tripura Govt Introduces ‘Bamboo Cookies’ That Boost Immunity


September 18 is celebrated as World Bamboo Day across the globe to promote its use as an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic. In the past, we’ve seen artisans handcraft water bottles, chandeliers, and doors made out of bamboo. According to India Today, Chief Minister of Tripura Biplab Kumar Deb has now launched bamboo cookies and honey bottles.

He was quoted saying, “Bamboo Cookies are made naturally which makes them healthy and nutritious. I appreciate the hard work of the Bamboo and Cane Development Institute (BCDI) and Dr. Abhinav Kant for this innovative idea.”

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The Indian Express quoted him adding,

“We wish to share with everyone that we have made these bamboo cookies with bamboo shoots. We have mixed wheat flour with crushed bamboo shoots to make these biscuits. Bamboo shoots are known to have protein, vitamin and availability of phosphorous, copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium. It also has anti-biotic, anti-virus and anti-cancerous properties which will benefit people. Bamboo shoots will help boost immunity and battle diabetes.”

The cookies are made from sweet Muli bamboo shoots which are organically grown in the state. They will be wrapped in a ‘Risa’ i.e. traditional attire of the Tripuri communities. People lauded the move which is set to generate more opportunities for the locals.

Would you give this nutritious, low-fat cookie a try?

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