Nostalgia Hits Hard As Ayushmann & Brother Aparshakti Play ‘Aao Milo Shilo Shaalo’ In Video


When nostalgia hits us and we go down the memory lane, the many stories and bachpann ki yaadein make most of us believe that those were the best days of our lives. No waking up early, no stressing about work or paying bills, but only endless hours of watching Cartoon Network and playing outside with our best buds. And if you had a sibling who used to be your chuddy-buddy, then life sorted thi yaar!

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And like many of us, brothers Ayushmann and Aparshakti Khurana also had a childhood game that they used to play, back in the days. Giving a glimpse of their bond, the siblings shared a video in which they were seen playing the popular game (back then) ‘Aao Milo Shilo Shaalo’, reports News18.


And evidently, the Khuranas are having a gala time reliving the old days. Aparshakti also wrote how the star brothers had their improved version of this age-old game. In the video, both of them can be seen acing the game that was ideally played by us all as kids.

People online were ROFL looking at these cuties:


Here’re the Khuranas enjoying the quarantine time with their dad:

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Well, I used to love playing cricket and football with my elder brother, even though he used to bully me into fielding and retrieving balls from the drains. Anyway, do you remember playing something like this in your childhood? Tell us.

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