ATM Thief Returns Money After Seeing Woman’s Bank Balance Is Zero

ATM thefts are on the rise. While many seek to swindle the banks sticking their fingers in the cash slots to extract extra moolah; others scam unsuspecting folks making a withdrawal. In such trying times, should you ever get accosted at the ATM; you probably don’t expect the thief to return your money.

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However, a robber in China did precisely this when he felt sorry for his victim. Or rather her ‘paltry’ bank balance. The entire incident was captured on video and has gone viral on Chinese social media, leaving netizens in splits!

The incident transpired in the city of Heyuan, in China, when (the victim) Li sought to make a withdrawal at an ICBC Bank ATM. Soon after she got the cash, a man crept up behind her armed with a knife. The surveillance cameras recorded the footage, reports the Shanghaiist. Terrified, Li promptly handed over 2,500 yuan that she’d just withdrawn.

However, greedy for more, the robber demanded that she show him her account balance. When the lady complied, the thief chuckled realising the balance was zero. That’s when he had a change of heart and handed her the cash he’d taken from her. He then calmly walked away with a smile.

Take a look at the widely shared video-

While the robber’s ‘kindness’ may have won you over, cops were not amused. They did detain the man. Meanwhile, netizens had varied reactions to the clip. While some sympathised with the thief, others shared sagas of their own, almost bare bank accounts.

We’re no strangers to empty bank accounts, are we? Now, if only there was a millennial Robin Hood who could fill them!