Hackers Steal Money From ATMs In Delhi & Bihar Using Victim’s Aadhaar Biometrics

The best way to safeguard ourselves from cyber crimes? To hack the minds of hackers and understand their modus operandi. If we know how they steal private information, we can stay alert and prevent it from happening to us. A while ago, we decoded OTP frauds and SIM swaps. Today, let’s tackle biometric misuse. Biometrics are fingerprint and iris data collected for our Aadhaar card.

Vikram, a 40-year-old man was in Jind, Haryana when he received a message. His fingerprint had been used to withdraw INR 1000 from a micro-ATM in Delhi. (Micro-ATMs use Aadhaar/debit cards + fingerprints instead of a PIN). A week later, another message informed him that INR 7500 was withdrawn from Bihar. Both transactions involved his personal bank accounts.

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How exactly did this happen?

Vikram’s profession is to generate Aadhaar cards for others. A TOI report suggests that hackers used his personal ID and password to log into UIDAI software and create fake cards. His own biometric information was used to steal money and access various government and tax portals. Thereafter, Vikram complained to the officials and locked his biometrics.

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His case is still under investigation but brings to light the fact that fingerprints can now be digitally hacked. As opposed to physically making silicon clones of them, as was the case in the past.

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How to lock Aadhaar Biometrics? The procedure explained

Here’s how we can prevent misuse of biometric information by unauthorised persons. To initiate a lock, go here and enter Aadhaar number and OTP received on the registered mobile phone. Unlocking also works in the same manner. After this, fingerprints cannot be used to authenticate transactions.

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