Arun Yogiraj Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night For 7 Months As Ram Lalla ‘Was Calling Him’

Arun Yogiraj, a Mysuru-based sculptor, is the man behind the creation of the Ram Lalla idol that was consecrated at the newly inaugurated Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. The 51-inch idol carved out of black stone or granite, abundantly found in HD Kote in Mysuru is an intricately carved piece with innumerable minute detail.


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Acharya Sumdhur Shastri, a scholar of Sanskrit and music, shared his experience of witnessing the making of the Ram Lalla idol. He saw it all from the first chisel striking to the deity’s instalment inside the temple, reported India Today.

The Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust entrusted Arun Yogiraj with the immensely significant task of carving the idol. They made it clear that the idol should resemble a child’s form and should be 51 inches in height. They also stated that special focus should be given to the hair and other features.

Acharya Sumdhur Shastri revealed that Yogiraj used to wake him up in the middle of the night over the past seven months to accompany him and witness the making of the Ram Lalla idol. Yogiraj used to say to him that Ram Lalla “was calling him”.


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“The entire process (of the development of Ram Lalla’s idol) took 7 to 8 months. In the process, the artistic freedom of the sculptor (Arun Yogiraj) was also taken care of. To understand the North Indian form of the Ram Lalla, we visited the Swami Narayan Chhapaiya temple and observed the temples in Naimisharanya. We discussed the appearance of the idol with saints and delved into the scriptures and verses from Ramayana to comprehend the divine form,” he revealed.

He further added:

“The process of the development of eyes was special. Golden chisels and silver hammers were used to create the deity’s eyes with great delicacy. Until the eyes were formed, the idol lacked a certain essence, but with the completion of the eyes, a sense of true divinity emerged.”

The end result is truly divine!

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