Arshad Warsi Got Trolled On Twitter After His Anti-Modi Tweets On The Note Ban

Most of Bollywood accepted and lauded the historical monetary decision our PM Modi took of discontinuing ₹500 and ₹1000 notes. It caused inconvenience but in a larger scheme of things, this might just work for our economy and get rid of black money. But probably some of them didn’t agree and Short circuit was one of them.

Arshad Warsi took to Twitter to vent out his frustrations (multiple times) about the whole deal.

1. Tax paid!


2. White money woes?


3. Where is the justice?


4. Systematic criminals!


5. Speaking of furniture…


And it did not go well for him.

1. That was ‘ouch’!


2. Circuit udd gaya!


3. Being direct is the best policy


4. Follower count matters, ask Modiji


5. Pressure of guilt maybe?


6. Career and cash


7. Main toh raste se ja raha tha, main toh atm se paise nikaal raha tha…


8. IQ woes

Don’t do it if you don’t know it!

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