13 Epic Pranks To Play On Your Friends This April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is approaching fast; So what have you planned that will make your friends scream in horror, or throw you that look that tells you that you need to run for your life?

Here are some easy pranks that you can play on your unsuspecting friends. Also – who knows, they might be preparing a trap for you.

1. Cover an onion with chocolate… and serve it as dessert!

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… so for the first time, an onion will actually make somebody “cry”!


2. Add talcum powder to their blow-dryer

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Beauty…to Beast.


3. Hide food in a (CLEAN!!!) trash can and when someone comes by,  grab some of the food and eat it

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Keep a CLEAN (I cannot emphasize this enough) bin in the corner of the room, and put a plastic bag inside with food in it. Watch them look at you in horror when you pull out food from the bin and start eating it, as if nothing were wrong!


4. Add baking powder to their ketchup bottle

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Stay away from the bottle when your friend is opening it!


5. This horn under a chair

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… and watch them jump out of their chair in shock, when the horn blows loudly from right underneath them!


6. Borrow someone’s cell phone and change the language setting to a foreign language

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7. Hide multiple alarm clocks in their room and set all of them to go off at the same time

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Pure. Evil.


8. Put toothpaste inside Oreo biscuits and serve them with a cup of chai


Kya aapke biscuit me namak hai?


9. Cup some white-grey jelly in your hand and pretend to sneeze on the back of someone’s head

Image source

“Sorry, I tried to control it.”


10. Cover a balloon with frosting for a friend whose birthday falls on 1st April

Image source
Image source

Be prepared for the fire works!


11.  Let’s not forget whoopie cushions!

Image source

Keep this under the cushion of the chair that your friend usually sits on.

“I told you not to eat those beans!”


12. And for the most scary one… program their computer to display this image at 3 in the night

Image source

… and add some scary sounds if possible!

P.S. Make sure they are awake, or else this awesome prank will go down the drain!

April Fool’s Day – Believe nothing, and trust no one! -_-

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