Desis Laud ‘Anupamaa’ For Sensitively Dealing With Mental Health Issues & Domestic Violence

I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, the reel world has the power to influence the real world. And television serials are something that is watched in homes across the economic, social, and cultural spectrum of our society. So, if we want solid changes in our society and want it to progress, become more inclusive and more sensitive towards issues like mental health, sexual assault, physical abuse, etc. having more intelligently made TV serials is a good way to start.

TV serials, for years, have had the sole purpose of creating drama. The more, the louder, the better. And this often came at the expense of a character’s dignity. However, the Rupali Ganguly starrer ‘Anupamaa’ is like a breath of fresh air.

It not just tackled infidelity, regressiveness of an Indian household, patriarchal conditioning and a woman’s emancipation from all of it and her journey towards self-realization and freedom, but is now also handling the topics of depression, physical abuse-induced trauma, and domestic violence with the same sensitivity.

A recent episode showed a character named ‘Malvika’ go on a downward spiral after having been triggered at a potential sight of domestic violence. Malvika, who is otherwise bubbly, always smiling, and ‘jhalli’ as her brother Anuj would call her, has been a victim of domestic violence herself.

Now, I’ll not go into the details of the story. But the show, in my opinion, was successful in showing how a happy face doesn’t guarantee happiness. You never know what a person is going through within. They didn’t have to explicitly show the survivor being hit to make a point.

Also, brownie points for not attempting to make Anupamaa appear like a therapist. There was no gyaan thrown on the survivor on how to handle/overcome depression. Instead, Anupamaa just sat and tried to calm her down silently with what she knew best at the time – physical touch.

It was honestly so refreshing to see Malvika not being victim-shamed and ridiculed and Anupamaa not being ‘I’m the savior of all’. And several followers of the show took to Twitter to express their emotions and laud the show for moving in the right direction. Have a look:

Team Anupamaa, take a bow.

Pictures source: Anupamaa on Disney+ Hotstar.

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