British High Commissioner Relishes Street Food In Mumbai, Desis Shoot More Suggestions

Remember how our moms get all hyper, put everyone to work and make sure everything is perfect before someone arrives at our house?

And if a person from another city or country visits us, our parents also plan a weeklong getaway and an entire itinerary to show them our place, make them eat local cuisine, and ensure they have a gala time enjoying our culture. This is because we still believe in Atithi Devo Bhava (a guest is akin to God).

Recently, people online resonated with this emotion when British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis ventured out on the streets of Mumbai to enjoy a piece of India.

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Taking to Twitter, Alex shared pictures of himself savouring a Mumbai sandwich and enjoying chili ice cream.

Taking to Twitter he wrote:

“Eating like a #Mumbaikar today – trying the मुंबई सैंडविच and chilli ice cream. #BombaySandwich. या जेवायला!” (sic)

Desis online were happy that he was ‘eating like a Mumbaikar’. Several of them came to the comments section and suggested what other food items he should be eating.

This is not the first time he went to explore India. In the past, he had posted several pictures of himself visiting many places of importance in India like the Ajanta Elora caves and Jama Masjid.

Doesn’t it feel so satisfying and proud when people from outside the country come and visit the places we are proud of and relish desi dishes we often take for granted? Proud of our culture and heritage.

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