A Baby Stops To Hug & Kiss Her Opponent In The Middle Of NBA’s ‘Baby Crawl Race’, Watch Video

Aren’t babies the cutest bundles of joy? Honestly, they could do anything and still look adorable. I mean have you seen ‘Inspector Toddler McBabyface’ or “Milk Drunk” baby faces? We just can’t stop watching these precious videos. And, one of our new favorites is that of a crawling race between babies.

According to NBC Sports, a great baby race took place at the Pelicans-Thunder game in New Orleans. Have a look at this adorable video:

People who paid to see the NBA game witnessed this incredible race during halftime, where a bunch of babies raced across the floor at Smoothie King Center as they tried to win their parents a $250 (Rs 17,900 approx.) gift card, reports CBS Sports.

The most enthralling part of the video is when Baby No. 6, who is very close to the finishing line, takes a dramatic turn to go backward and Baby No. 5 seizes the opportunity by crossing the finish line. Also, during the entertaining U-turn Baby No. 6 hugged and kissed the winning opponent.

Twitter users have taken this friendly race in the best spirits and learned a thing or two from it:

Now, that’s exactly the kind of sportsmanship we need in today’s age and time.