Twitter Users Are Sharing Their Achievements Of The Decade As 2019 Swiftly Nears Its End

We are a month and a half away from 2020. Let that realisation sink in.

No, wait. We are a month and a half away from completing an entire decade. Let that sink in first!

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Are you one of those people who instantly get a panic attack thinking that the year is about to come to an end? If you are, then welcome to the club! Because for people who major in procrastination, year-end is a time when it suddenly dawns upon us that we could have achieved so much more when the only laud-worthy thing we did was fix the washing machine (No, I’m not talking about myself).

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Speaking of which, one person on Twitter asked what have we accomplished so far, you know, considering the decade is ending. Have a look at his tweet:

And while many started listing their kickass accomplishments like it was a grocery list…

…many were trying not to cry hard!

Let your lives not be judged by conventional accomplishments. As long as you are happy, life is worth it.

Having said that, BRB, crying.

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