Rajnikanth & Akshay Try To Wow Everyone In ‘2.0’ Trailer, Netizens React With Memes


India’s relationship with CGI has been very wonky. Viewers have to squint really hard to look past the hokey backgrounds and the complete disregard of physics. However, does that mean we should trying? Well, according to Rajnikanth’s ‘2.0’, absolutely not!

The teaser trailer for Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar’s opened up a khazana of memes. So, it was safe to assume that its main trailer will give us some more reason to chuckle. And while there were some good moments, the rest of it was laughably bad.

Netizens weren’t in the mood to let any moments from the ‘2.0’ trailer slide. And the first victim of their scrutiny was Akshay Kumar as Fifth Force.

After taking down Akshay Kumar’s prosthetic eye-brows, it was Rajnikanth’s turn and the internet’s favourite moment was the setting-screens-on-fire line.


The trailer-makers tried to get away by quick-cutting through some more laughable moments. But netizens said ‘nope’ and here’s what they caught:

Here’s to hoping that ‘2.0’ arrives soon at the theaters and gives us even more meme material to laugh at.

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