Netizens Turn Rajnikanth’s ‘2.0’ Teaser Into A Factory Of Hilarious Memes

Sci-fi films are scarce in India as most filmmakers don’t dare to make movies on such a scale. But with Rajnikanth on his side, S. Shankar decided to direct ‘Enthiran‘ and churned in huge box-office numbers and critical praise. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise that it was getting sequel. However, one of the reasons it has become one of the most anticipated films of this year is because it has not one bankable star, but two in the form of Akshay Kumar.

The teaser for ‘2.0’ was screened in 3D in select theaters and was released online.

Take a look for yourself:

That said, as there are a couple of unintentionally hilarious moments in the teaser, netizens decided to turn them into memes:

1. Ouch!

2. Too relatable.

3. Clever.

4. Accurate af!

5. Possibly.

6. I hope they never get that power.

7. *shudders in 3D*

8. You’ll need a big rock.

9. Oh no.

10. Savage

11. Looking forward to the trailer then?

On paper, it looks like ‘2.0’ is all set to break some box-office records, thereby adding another achievement in Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar’s successful career graph. But it also looks like there will be a lot of meme-able moments from it as well. In addition to that, despite all the hype around the VFX, as people have complained about it being shoddy, maybe Shankar has to do some more work in post-production to completely impress people.