The 2.0 Trailer Just Dropped And It’s Rajinikanth’s Chitti v/s Akshay Kumar’s Fifth Force!

Rajinikanth fans, particularly those who loved him as Chitti in Robot, are in for a massive treat this month.

The trailer for Superstar Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 just dropped and it’s blowing everyone’s minds!

While Akshay Kumar’s beaky crow-man look had already aroused a lot of curiousity, fans are going to be even more surprised to find out that his character is kind of made up of cellphone screens!

Akshay’s crowman and his minions together form the Fifth Force, which basically technology trying to take over the world.

What the world needs is a saviour, an old fallen hero rebooted, to save it from the destruction of the Fifth Force. And so enter Dr Vaseegaran and his creation, Chitti 2.0!

He’s back, he’s better, and probably has more guns than he had in Robot! Oh and Chitti also has new girlfriend, a humanoid played by Amy Jackson!

Director Shankar had set new benchmarks for special effects and sci-fi genre in India with Robot. And now, as he the hit pair of him and Superstar Rajinikanth return, you can expect to be mindblown again!

The trailer is clearly doing it for us so far!

With A R Rahman’s music, Shankar’s brilliance and the super star power of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, 2.0 is uploading in a theatre near you on November 29!