18 YO Marathoner’s Story Will Inspire You To Get An Early Start To Achieve Your Dreams

We’ve all had our grandparents and parents lecture us on the importance of waking up early every morning, including Sunday! I used to think this was all a ploy to make sure we never got lazy. But look at us now! We wish we had more than 24 hours in a day so we could finish all the 10 million tasks on our to-do list.

The fact remains, that an early start is the key to getting the most out of something, whether it is your day or your life. And no one knows this better than Aman Mehla, a marathon runner who started training at the tender age of 13!

Aman always believed he was born to run. Today, at 18, he has already completed eight 10km runs, two half marathons and even a 25k! Watch his impressive journey for yourself!

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Aman’s story has one clear message: it’s never too early to start. Sure, he has far to go, break some impossible records and deftly balance his passion and studies. But then again, he is still in his teens. He has all the time in the world to work towards realising his dream. All he’s now got to focus on is running towards them!

Just like in the life of a marathon runner, similarly in case of your investments!

We all think this is just the start of our money-making journey, and retirement is a far-off destination. Maybe you’ll start investing in your 40s, once you’ve reached a decent salary level. 20 years ought to be enough to amass a good enough corpus, right? But ask yourself, what is it that you want to achieve with these investments?

Are your financial goals in sync with your life goals? Do you want that expensive car, the lavish wedding and foreign education for your kids and international holidays for the family? And what about that luxury retirement home for your old age?

Of course, we all want these things! These big dreams that we have are like the bait that life dangles before our eyes to make us work hard. But you know what they say, right? It’s the early bird that catches the worm!

You already know the importance of investing. Now let me introduce you to your new best friend—compound interest. How does it work? Think of ‘A’ as your principal amount on which you earn interest ‘B’. In case of simple interest, you get the same interest ‘B’ every year. But in case of compound interest, B gets added to A and when it’s time to earn interest again, ‘A+B’ will be your new principal amount.

This means that every time you earn interest, it will get clubbed with the existing principal, thereby raising your base amount each time! Which means that the longer the period of investment, higher the benefit of compounding.

Let me quote an example, say you invest Rs.1 lakh at 10% annual interest when you are 25 years old and withdraw the final amount when you are 60 years. In the 35 years period, your investment will grow from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.28.1 lakh. However, your friend starts late and invests Rs.1 lakh when he is 35 years old (10 years later) and withdraws when he is 60 years. His investment grows from Rs.1 lakh to only Rs.10.8 lakh in 25 years. Even if he doubles his principal to Rs.2 lakh, his final amount will still be less than yours (Rs.21.7 lakh). This example clearly shows why the power of compounding is so important and how it helps those who start early!


And now, if you start investing early in SIPs or Systematic Investment Plans offered by mutual funds, and leverage this power of compounding, imagine what a potentially large corpus you’ll have built by the time you retire!

So, need I say more? Whether you’re undertaking a journey to reach a destination, starting your day that you hope will be productive, or investing to fulfill your financial goals, start early.

Because in the long marathon which is your life, you’ll have the biggest asset on your side—Time.

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