18 Things Only Indian Cricket Lovers Will Relate To

Do the words Leg-byes and ODIs make sense to you?  Have you spent your childhood throwing a try ball before starting the actual match? Have you been scolded by your parents for watching cricket during your board exams? If you have faced these, then you are suffering from Cricket-Mania.

1. You always dreamt of being a cricketer when you grow up



So much that you even had your own cricket set with helmet, leg pads and the whole shebang


2. You had to bear the brunt of mohalla’s aunties when you had to go fetch a ball from them, after your magnificent six



3. You cried little tears of joy when India won the world cup in 2011



4. You never stop cheering for India, even if it’s apparent that they will lose


5. Whenever your beloved cricket team wins a match, Party to banti hai!



6. An India-Pakistan match gets your utmost attention. Everything else has to wait



7. Almost all of your childhood friends are people you used to play gully cricket with


8. You have been into so many Twitter wars about cricket’s stature in the country, that you have lost count



9. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t gel with people who are disinterested in cricket



10. You tend to get instantly attracted to a girl/guy who loves cricket



11. You are horrified when people question Sachin’s God-like status. He is God. End of story



12. You don’t need Wikipedia to remember important statistics related to the Indian cricket team and players

Image source


13. Whenever there is a Big cricket match coming up, you tend to get sick or resort to taking leaves by killing made-up relatives



14. You always have a superstitious ritual during crucial matches. Not to forget the rigorous praying and bargaining with God



15. You hate going to parties, whenever a match is going on, and end up asking anybody and everybody about the score



16. You have watched Yuvraj Singh’s six sixes video on Youtube innumerable times



17. You are well aware about every cricketer’s signature move from Sachin’s classic straight drive:



To Dhoni’s magical helicopter shot:



18. You are already excited about the upcoming 14th February 2015 because it marks the culmination of 11th ICC World Cup and less because of ummmm…what was the other thing?


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