15 Unmistakable Traits Of A Talkative Person

There’s talking, there’s talking a lot, there’s talking nonstop, and then, there’s you. Talkative people have it so much worse than regular people because there’s so much to talk about & so less time.

Most people don’t understand how you have the ability to yap from the time you’re awake to the time you fall asleep (and sometimes even in your sleep), but that’s okay. You don’t need people to understand; you just need them to listen.

Here are the signs of a person who just LOVES to talk.

1. You love sharing news with your friends the moment you hear it



2. You can make conversation with almost anyone


Sabji walas, watchmen, and random strangers in the train know your pant size.


3. You always have an opinion on everything


Obama’s presidency? Yes. India’s development? Yes. Everything else in the world? Yes.


4. Your phone bill is always high


Because you have the ability to talk into the wee hours of the morning.


5. Because you talk so much, you tend to give away too much information


And then realize what a silly thing you just did.


6. You are known to be the blabbermouth among your friends/family


Blah, blah, blah….blah, blah, blah.


7. In school, your teachers were tired of you talking too much in class


And your diary was full with “Talking in class” remarks.


8. You can easily be ready with at least 5 answers for every question in an interview


You truly are your own favourite.


9. All things unnecessary is your thing


Enough said. Or not.


10. Eating takes you longer than others


Because you just remembered something you had to say.


11. You often end up spoiling TV shows and movies for people because of your talking


And you feel really bad about it later.


12. But, you are the glue that holds your group together


And you make everything more lively by being a part of it.


13. You are the reason your friends know everything about your other group of friends


And they get to meet new people in the process.


14. There is no silent and dull moment when you are around


Because you can put life into anything by being you.


15. And someday, you will be able to put your talent to the best possible use


As a storyteller or a  motivational speaker. The world needs more of that.

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