10 Things People Who Can’t Keep Secrets Will Understand

Thank God for the share button!

Everyone has secrets to share. While some people are great at keeping them, some of us are blessed with the gift of the gab, which makes it a little tough to keep everything to ourselves. Here are a few things people who can’t keep secrets would understand.

1. Talking is your best talent



2. You have close friends that you share everything with


They’re the ones that know you from atom, so it’s hard to not tell them things.


3. Being a good liar is not one of your strongest points


And keeping a straight face is so difficult.


4. The words “don’t tell anyone” are the most horrifying words anyone can say to you


Aila, secret.


5. You start panicking when people start sharing details of their life with you


Oh, oh. Time to keep the lips sealed.


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6. You have to think twice before you speak, afraid that you might blurt something out


Which ends up happening most of the time anyway.


7. Your life is an open book to the ones close to you, as they know everything about you


Nope, nothing to hide.


8. You’re always the last person to know about important news


Because no one really trusts that you can keep the news to yourself. UGH.


9. You could never throw a surprise party for a close friend, because you won’t be able to keep it from them


Courtesy, your not-so-excellent secret-keeping tactics. IT HURTS.


10. But, despite all the above mentioned points, you are truthful and open, which makes you one of the most loveable persons among your friends


And that’s all you really need.

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