Husbands In China Can Now Rest In ‘Storage Pods’ While Wives Shop Till They Drop At This Mall

Shopping is much more than buying things for money. Some call it shopaholism, but I call it retail therapy that brings one happiness just in the size/shape/colour that one wants. Hey, you can always return it if you don’t! But the sentiment right here, I have to admit, distinguishes gender.

Let’s just say, ladies shop till they drop while men do not enjoy the spending-spree as much. And I have observed umpteen married couples to reach this conclusion. It’s never a happy scene, with wives swiping the cards left, right and centre and husbands trailing behind, carrying shopping bags. But not anymore!

A mall in China has stepped in to rescue these poor men and have introduced state-of-the-art ‘husband storage pods’ to chill, relax and unwind while the missus is gone shopping!

china mall
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You heard that right. According to The Paper, the Global Harbour mall in Shanghai has installed a number of glass pods for husbands who do not want to be dragged along the shops with their better-halves.


It’d be shocked but it isn’t just a glass chamber. The pod is equipped with a chair, monitor, computer and gamepad where disgruntled men can sit and play retro games. 

china mall
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The mall is currently offering the services for free but it soon plans to charge nominal fees via QR codes.

Apart from all the apparent fun, these pods also give husbands the incentives to take their wives for shopping and enjoy some game-time simultaneously! Miyan bhi khush, biwi bhi khush…aur kya chahiye? Wonder when will we have these wonders here in India?

News Source and Image Courtesy: The Paper

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