Yuvraj Posed With His Doppelganger And It Has Terribly Confused The Internet!

India’s match with Bangladesh last night was a sight to behold! While the match lead us to the finals of ICC Champions Trophy 2017, there was one more reason for it to be very special!

Yuvraj Singh was playing his 300th ODI. He is the fifth Indian to come this far, only after Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Mohammad Azharuddin. His battle with life has been fierce. Needless to say, he has emerged as a real hero through it all!

Yesterday, something interesting happened and the the internet was kinda trippin’ over it. They spotted a Yuvraj fan, who looked exactly like him… and even posed with the Yuvraj! Confused? Well, me too. Look at this.


While I agree there is no one in this whole damn world like Yuvraj Singh, but if there were two of them – it would such a good news for Indian Cricket team. On that note, let’s see what the internet thinks about the plan!

1. Looks like Yuvi is in denial!


2. Robin Uthappa couldn’t stop laughing!


3. Don’t you think this joke is funny? No? Just me then. K.


4. Confused much?


5. See, she shares my thoughts!


6. Told ya, there’s a lot of confusion going on!


7. That’s unanimous!

Like we have already said before, there can only be ONE Yuvraj Singh on this earth and we have him!

Go Yuvi and team India, knock the ball out of the park this Sunday and bring that trophy home!