YouTuber Creates Car That Can Be Driven From The Outside, Netizens Ask ‘But Why?’

During the industrial revolution in the 1700s to 1800s, people invented a lot of things. A major reason was because of the necessity to make our lives easier. And another reason was because there was a huge scope to introduce new concepts. However, most modern inventions can be summed up as a reiteration of older concepts. But is that stopping people from creating new (mostly useless) stuff? Absolutely not.

A YouTuber who goes by the name of Master Milo created a really unique car right in his backyard. It’s specialty is that you can drive it from the outside.

Although it sounds bizarre to you, Master Milo’s followers are used to his crazy inventions. He has previously made a tumbling car, a vehicle that looks like the child of a bike and a car and buggies. So, a car that can be driven from the outside is in keeping with his niche genre of vehicles.

Now, if you’re asking what’s the practicality of driving a car from the outside when the whole point of driving a car is to have a vehicle with a roof? Well the short and long answer is, it’s completely impractical. It leans forward dangerously and offers no protection. But hey, if you wanted to try something different, go ahead and ride Master Milo’s WipKar 2.0.

You can watch the test-drive here:

Netizens were understandably confused by Master Milo’s car and they reacted hilariously.

1. It’s BEAN done before.

2. Can’t dispute that.

3. Isn’t that creative?

4. Ditto.

5. Boom and splat!

6. Good luck with that, Master Milo.

7. Sawaal.

8. The latter, of course.

9. There’s a potential buyer.

10. Right?!

11. It’s a stretch but okay.

12. You’ve no idea how many crazy people are there in this world.

13. (channels inner Quiksilver) Whhhhhiiiiiipppppplllllaaaassssshhhh.

14. Can I come with you?

15. Agreed.

People’s brains are meant to make ideas and many people aren’t capable to make them a reality. So, it’s good to see that at least someone is making their dreams come true. However, it’ll be great if Master Milo could just keep his inventions to himself or take better precautionary measures before opening his out-of-body car experience to the world.