Revealed! This Hilarious Video Shows Why Youngsters Are ‘Hangry’ In The Morning.

Hungry + Angry = Hangry

Well, you already know that. But did you know that youngsters are more ‘hangry’ in the morning? Yep! We are not making this up in any way. And what causes that ‘hangriness’?

This hilarious video by MTR shows that the real reason behind youngsters being mean, and that is because they skip breakfast. Now, you may think: ‘With office so early in the morning, who has the time for breakfast?’ For that, there’s the new MTR 3 Minute Breakfast range, a delicious range of hot Indian breakfast. Pick your favourite breakfast dish from the range of 6 lip-smacking options ranging from poha to upma to halwa to oats & it’s ready in just 3 minutes, by just adding hot water. A serving of hot, mouth-watering Indian breakfast is ready in just 3 minutes.With

With #MTRbreakfastin3 fix, say goodbye to hangriness. ?

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