Someone Made A Video Of WWE Fighters Singing Himesh Reshammiya’s Jhalak Dikhlaja!


Despite everything happening in 2020, it has still been a year full of creativity! From playing tennis on rooftops to creating ‘dating resumes’, people sure have been at their creative best while at home. And, even though there are tons of innovative videos I have come across, mashup clips still remain to be my favorite.

Speaking of which, I recently stumbled upon a mashup video that made me feel nostalgic AF! A twitter user shared a clip that included WWE fighters and Himesh Reshammiya, reports India Today. Yes, you read that right! Bringing together two off my top favourite things from bachpan, twitter user Rishabh (alt) posted a video that has Himesh Reshammiya’s song ‘Jhalak Dikhlaja’ playing in the background as WWE fighters are placed perfectly lip-sync with the music.

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From John Cena to The Rock, have a look at all the famous fighters featured in this savage video. Pssst…The Great Khali makes a cameo too! 

Several people lauded the hilarious video and even asked for a full version:

This sure is one of the best mashup videos I have seen recently. How about you? Did you enjoy this clip? Tell us!

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