Women Online Who Bought Their First House Talk About Sexist Comments They Received

Buying a house, managing finances, and earning to support the family is primarily considered a “man’s job”. The idea that a woman can be a pro at making sound financial decisions is something that is unfathomable even today, generally speaking. Look at the advertisements for home loans, mutual fund investments, and buying a car. In most cases, the advertisements show a customer who is a man.

Hence, it can be said that when a woman makes a big financial decision, like buying a house, she is met with prejudice. To know the kind of judgement women face in such cases, a user on Reddit asked about the ridiculous comments and questions that were thrown at women when they bought their first house.

Ladies who’ve bought their first house by themselves, what were the most ridiculous comments/questions you received? from AskWomen

The kind of comments that many women had to hear is downright ridiculous. Some were not given the importance by sellers and real estate agents because they weren’t a man. Some were asked to bring their husbands. And some were expected to create space for a man, if and when they land up a husband.

Have a look:

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Incidents like this are just some of the many cases of sexism women face on a day to day basis.

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