Man Recommends Taking A Solo Trip As It’s ‘Therapeutic’, Women Express Feeling Unsafe

If a woman feels unsafe walking down her own neighbourhood after 10 PM, imagine how would she feel about going out on a solo trip. Even thinking about going for an all-girls trip can be stressful. What if we are followed by a bunch of random strangers, what if we are harassed, what if we are assaulted? These are just some of the many questions that come to mind.

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So, when one man on Twitter recommended going out for a solo trip as it’s “therapeutic”, women online had opinions.

Many men however thought it was a great idea. Some even went on to list the several places they visited solo!

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Many women, on the other hand, expressed being scared of travelling solo. From fears of being “trafficked” to straight-up dead, here’s how some women reacted.

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Do you think it is safe for women to travel solo? Tell us.

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