Women On Whether They’re Okay With Men Asking Permission From Their Dads To Marry Them

Not just in India but in many cultures across the world, it is imperative for a guy to seek permission from the father of the woman he wants to marry. This practice has been going on for generations. But not a lot of women like this practice in the first place. There have been many women who argued against the practice of kanyadaan in Hindu weddings and some have had a traditional wedding without that particular ritual as it is highly patriarchal.

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And now, women online have been sharing their thoughts on the practice of men seeking their father’s permission in order to marry them. The discussion began when this question popped up in Reddit’s r/AskWomen subreddit:

How do you feel about men asking other men for permission to marry their daughter? from AskWomen

There were innumerable responses from women across the world sharing their own opinion and arguments regarding this topic. Here’s a look at some of them:

The general consensus was that seeking permission from fathers for their daughter’s hand largely signifies that the woman is her father’s “property”. An adult woman’s choice is the only one that should matter.

Some even highlighted the difference between seeking the father’s permission and seeking his blessing.

Some even drew parallels between seeking a father’s permission and him giving away his daughter’s hand in marriage or as we call it ‘kanyadaan’.

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There were also many women who approved of their tradition and called it a mark of showing respect to the father.

A few pointed out that not everyone has a great relationship with their fathers, a case in which there is no need to seek permission.

What is your opinion regarding this topic?

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