Women Hanging From Local Trains & Their Struggle Is Not The ‘Spirit Of Mumbai’, It’s Dangerous

The spirit of Mumbai is often described as indomitable, resilient and unwavering. It is the kind of spirit which does not break, even in the face of adversity. People who come to Mumbai in search of work are often crushed by the city’s rush but the wind is such that helps people rise up and face the world again. Its spirit is that of struggle but also fulfilment. Its spirit is that of soul-crushing despair but also hope.

However, the struggle that people in Mumbai have to face is regularly romanticised – sometimes to an extent that is problematic. For example, here is a video of female passengers literally hanging from a local train. A lot of people might call it inspiring…that people in Mumbai overcome all odds to go about their day. But it is actually not.

This is not inspiring. This is life-threatening and many people decided to call the city authorities out for their lack of providing the people of Mumbai with sufficient modes of commute. Here’s what they wrote:

Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and as a result, it grapples with severe transportation issues like the infamous traffic jams and overcrowded local trains. The transport infrastructure of the city cannot support the rapidly rising urbanisation. The train network of the city is referred to as the lifeline of Mumbai and it already operates way more than its capacity.

Here’s what needs to be done. The government of Maharashtra needs to expand and modernize the city’s transport infrastructure. The number of trains and buses need to increase and people need to have access to metros. The city can also have a solid carpooling system to help reduce traffic jams.

Do you have alternative solutions in mind? Share with us!

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