Woman Posts About Her Dad Not Being Able To Take His Own Food & Men Online Have A Meltdown

In many traditional families, there is this ingrained gender bias which leads to the pampering of the male members to the extent that they barely know how to perform any household chore and are heavily dependent upon the female members of the family. This gender imbalance causes men to be shielded from household responsibilities whereas the women, on the other hand, are expected to do everything all at once and with ease.

We have spoken at length about how men also need to perform household chores and become caregivers to the family. They should stop expecting the women of the household to do simple tasks for them like making their bed, ironing their clothes, and serving them food even when the dishes are right in front of them.

Image source: The Great Indian Kitchen

Funnily, a woman took to X (formerly Twitter) to narrate a story about her father. She claimed that once her dad came back home past 10:30 PM and her mother had slept because she was tired. She had cooked dinner for him and all he had to do was serve himself a plate. He didn’t do it. Her dad went to sleep with an empty stomach even when the food was right in front of him.

And the kind of meltdown the men on social media started to have was comical. Most of these men probably do the same in their own homes and became incredibly defensive about a man they don’t even know.

There were also others who called this toxic behavior out and shared stories from their own lives which are eerily similar. As it turns out, incidents like these keep happening in every other home.

Serving yourself some food is a basic life skill and one shouldn’t have to be dependent on another person for this.

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