Woman Tweets About ‘Mannerless’ Indian Uncles On Airplane Going To Bangkok For A Guys Trip

Bangkok, Thailand, is one of those places where men across various age groups yearn to go for a ‘guys trip’, be it young professionals or uncles. It’s because the city is famous for its sex tourism and nightclubs. If you are someone who has visited Thailand, you would have seen guy gangs standing at the security checkpoints all excited.

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However, one woman named Vaishnavi didn’t have a very memorable experience on a Thai Airways flight on which there was a group of “mannerless”, “obnoxious”, and “loud” Indian uncles. She took to Twitter to narrate her ordeal.

She shared that there were 10-12 such men in the gang who had complete disregard for their fellow passengers and acted as if they owned the flight.

Apparently, the uncles also treated the cabin crew poorly and had a tremendous sense of entitlement.

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They were allegedly “rowdy” and “uncouth” – the kind of men who joke about their wives taking care of their kids back at home while they “have fun” in Bangkok.

Vaishnavi wasn’t the only one who had an experience like this. There were several others who tweeted about having similar embarrassing experiences with Indian uncles.

When you’re in a public space such as an airplane or a train, it’s expected of you to behave properly and not ruin the journey of fellow passengers by being loud and uncouth. It’s a shame how because of some people, the reputation of Indians is made fun of.

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