26-YO Single Mother Gets Married To Her Favourite Rug In A Traditional Ceremony

We have seen numerous instances when woman preferred marrying a non-human, because why stay boring! We had reported earlier how a woman married a 300-year ghost soon after which a swimsuit model married her pet Golden Retriever. We have seen people going far and beyond for their love, but this 26-year-old casino worker proved that all is fair in ‘rug’ and war.

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A single mum and mother of two, Bekki Cocks ‘rugged’ her sorrows away as she married her favourite carpet who she named ‘Mat’, in a full-fledged ceremony. She said ‘I do’ to Mat in front of family and friends and promised to ‘love, honour and care for it ‘till death do us part’. According to The Sun, Bekki was dressed in a traditional white wedding dress during the service hosted by a carpet store. She is so obsessed with Mat (whom she bought a year ago) that she decided to marry it.

“I bought Mat about a year ago and I’ve been banging on about how much I love him to anyone who will listen ever since. It became a bit of a thing with my friends who used to joke ‘if you love Mat so much why don’t you marry him?’,” Bekki said.

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That’s when Bekki said, why not. “So, a few months ago when one of my friends said I should marry him, I said ‘I will then’.” What started as a joke ended up into a serious ceremony. She is so obsessed with him now that she can’t imagine being without him. “I spend so much time looking after him – cleaning him and vacuuming him a couple of times every day and making sure he always looks his very best – I couldn’t imagine being without him now,” she said to sources.

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She even spends a lot of time sharing her deepest secrets with the rug. “I am a little obsessed with Mat. When the kids are in bed, I’ll often just lie down with him and tell him my most private thoughts. I’m a single mum, so he’s become a confidant and I always seem to be able to think things through properly when we’ve been together.”

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She is definitely happy with her decision to marry the rug. “I couldn’t be happier – I’m really looking forward to spending Christmas with Mat. I’ve also promised that while I might step on Mat from time to time, I won’t ever walk all over him.”

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Her family and friends were in attendance to witness the one of a kind wedding.“When we heard about Bekki’s story we felt we had to get involved. So we’ve offered to pay for her wedding and give her as much carpet care product as she can possibly use in a lifetime,” said the carpet store owner where the ‘Mat couple’ got married.

Isn’t this a ‘(Mat)ch’ made in heaven?