Woman Cheats On Husband With Her Dad-In-Law, Is Now Expecting Twins With The 44-YO Man

A couple of months back in India, a 70-year-old man married his 28-year-old daughter-in-law after her husband passed away. The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh and while certain parts of the society are becoming more willing to accept widow remarriage, such kind of a union raised several eyeballs. However, a case that was reported from South Wales, England, takes things up a notch and makes them really uncomfortable!

According to a report by Mirror, a man named Declan Fuller alleged that his 22-year-old wife cheated on him with her 44-year-old father-in-law. He got to know about the alleged affair via a baby monitor. Here’s what happened.

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Declan was married to Stephanie and also has a 2-year-old daughter. His father, Darren, moved in with them after getting divorced. However, Declan found out that Stephanie and Dareen spent a suspicious amount of time together.

Two months after his father moved in with them, Declan checked footage from the webcam that was focused on his father’s bedroom door. The webcams in the house are used to monitor the baby. He saw that his wife entered his father’s room and stayed there for a very long period.

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When he confronted his wife, she claimed that they were watching The Simpsons on the television. However, Declan believed that the two were having an affair and called off the marriage.

“It’s sick. How could my father do that to me? It’s not normal,” Declan said.

What’s even more cringe-worthy is that after the separation, Stephanie and Darren started dating each other. He impregnated her and now the woman is expecting twins!

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Declan is now really confused because after the twins arrive, they will be his half-brother/sister and his daughter’s brother/sister while also her aunt/uncle and Darren will be the child’s grand­father and stepdad.

In which multiverse are these people living in?!

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