Wife Pretends To Be Her Husband & Does His Office Work After He Falls Sick

On days when I wake up sick, with either a bad migraine or a cold and can’t take the day off work last minute, I soooo wish that someone could work on my behalf without my office knowing! 😛 Until today, I knew that something like this wasn’t possible. But one man took to Reddit to share a very interesting story.

A user u/beepbeepboopbooopp took to Reddit’s r/TrueOffMyChest subreddit to share how his wife pretended to be him and finished all his work while he was sick and couldn’t take a day off.

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The husband had caught a bad cold and he had a lot of work to finish on a current project which had a strict deadline. His boss put a lot of pressure on them to complete the project on time. The wife, being very understanding of his situation, decided to step in. Here’s how the wife pulled it off.

The user revealed, “We’re both software engineers working from home which is why this was even possible to pull off in the first place. I’m a full-stack developer while she’s a front-end developer but she pretty much has all the knowledge she needs to do the same work as I do. She would sometimes sit with me while I would work and help me debug lines and lines of code (which I appreciate a lot and I do the same in return when I can), but today she really surprised me.”

Since the husband and wife are in similar-ish fields and she is aware of his work, all she had to do was sit on his workstation and leave a fake message saying she won’t be able to attend voice conference calls as she has lost her voice. People from his office bought this lie and didn’t even realise that it was not the man on the other side of the computer, it was his wife!

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“She made an excuse in my team’s group chat pretending to be me saying I lost my voice so I can’t hop on a voice call and they fell for it. I’m lounging on my sofa with a wet cloth on my forehead, a box of tissues next to me and the biggest f-ing smile on my face,” he wrote.

As a ‘thank you’, he took an index card and wrote on it “free work day pass” so he can return back the favour one day. He also planned on taking his wife out for a nice dinner!

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People loved this gesture by the wife and showered the couple with a lot of love online. Have a look:

THIS is marriage! 😀

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