Wife Tries To Kiss Husband While He’s In A Zoom Meeting, Twitter Says ‘Yehi Pyaar Hai’

They say that a few years after marriage, the spark dies out. What they don’t tell you is that keeping the spark alive requires conscious efforts and occasional romantic gestures. Stolen kisses, cute surprises, weekend getaways, or something as simple as cooking together can help a couple ignite some romance into the mundane of everyday life!

For example, one woman very sweetly tried to kiss her husband while he was in a zoom meeting. While the husband was taken by surprise, dodged her kiss, and signalled that he was in a meeting, she was chilled out about it and kept smiling throughout.

Watch the video here:

People online absolutely loved the video! Many asked the husband to loosen up a little while others said, “Yehi toh pyaar hai!”

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It is moments like these that keep the fun and romance alive in a relationship!

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