Wife Hires A Beautiful & Educated Mistress To ‘Please’ Her Husband & Keep Him Happy

What would you do if you realise that you have been neglecting your partner? Maybe go on a date, buy them precious gifts, go on a relaxing vacation with them, watch movies or do things that make them happy, right?

But this woman brought in another woman to take care of her husband and even please him.

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According to a report by Times Now, Pattheema Chamnan, a 44-year-old woman from Bangkok felt guilty for not being able to sleep next to her husband in their apartment. She thought, doing so would make her a bad wife.

Hence, she decided to make amends and hired a “beautiful and educated” mistress to keep her husband happy.

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To sieve out the most appropriate candidate, she sent out a video advertisement seeking ‘young, single women with a college diploma’ and was willing to shed 15,000 baht (Rs 33,800) for them every month.

“I want to hire three mistresses for my husband,” she said in the video.

“You will get paid at least 15,000 baht a month, get free accommodation, and free meals. But you need to help me out. Two will be hired to help with document work in my office, and another one will be hired to take care of me, my husband, and my child. I guarantee there will be no fight between you and me.”

In addition to this, she said, “The candidate should not have a child as it will become a burden. They have to look presentable and communicate well.”

“It is important that they can please my husband physically. He is a man and needs that, he still has a high drive and lots of energy. His mistresses must also be able to keep him company and entertain him, so they must have a good personality and be fun.”

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The couple runs a family business together. Taking about her unique idea she said that she has been struggling with chronic depression and that’s why she needs extra help in the household.

“I want to find mistresses for my husband as I am struggling physically. I have chronic depression and I feel like I can’t take care of my husband well. My husband has been working hard alone and I just want him to be happy. I will also have friends to be with at home,” she told Mirror Online.

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As for her husband Pattagorn, he is surprised that his wife came up with this plan. However, he wouldn’t reject the offer.

“I never wanted to have any mistress but since my wife is offering, I won’t reject. The women will also be treated like family and work in our company like family. I was shocked when I found out about it.”

“Other men that wish to be like me should communicate with their wives about it. They should ask their wives for permission so there won’t be problems in the future.”

Well, the couple has narrowed down to one perfect mistress despite posting an ad for three who is a close friend of Chamnan.
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