16 Things People With Wavy Hair Will Understand

Wavy hair- the hair type with an identity crisis. It’s somewhere in the middle of the black and white that is the straight and curly hair types. The one thing that people with wavy hair should be grateful about is that since it’s not an extreme hair type, it’s easier to maintain as compared to its other counterpart- the dreadful curls.

Here are the things people with wavy hair face, on a daily basis-

1. Your hair gets weird during extreme seasons

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It becomes curly during extreme summers, and really flat during the icy winters.


2. Your hair has always been in-between

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Too straight to be called curly, and too curly to be called straight.


3. You don’t have just one shampoo for your hair

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You always have two, or more. One to keep it tame, and one to not make it too tame. It’s a battle, really.


 4. Or just one kind of comb

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Wide tooth, fine tooth, round brushes…the list goes on.


5. You often get jealous of people with beautifully straight hair

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They have it the easiest, tbh.


6. And you can feel the pain the curly haired people go through

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Because you’ve felt a part of it too.


7. It is literally the worst when you get your hair cut too short

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Pointy hair all over your head.


8. Or get fringes

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They look like everything else but fringes.


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9. There will always be one strand of your hair in the front that refuses to stay straight

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And one bit of hair that keeps poking out of your head.


10. More often than not, the hair you spent so much time straightening doesn’t stay that way for long

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It’s just a rule of life, isn’t it?


11. But, you get a lot of compliments for your hair, because you don’t always have to style it

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12. And you’re eternally grateful that wavy hair is more manageable than curly hair

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13. There are so many hairstyles you can try out

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Yay! 😀


14. And you’re glad that your hair isn’t exclusively straight, or exclusively curly

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Variety is best. It’s the spice of life.


15. You can rock the ‘out-of-the-bed’ look like a boss

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And you don’t even have to comb it a lot. Win!


16. And you’re more than happy that your hair is just the way it is

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Even though it sometimes faces an identity crisis, you wouldn’t have it any other way. 😀

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